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            Lessons are typically 30 minutes once a week. Other durations or small group sessions can be arranged. Please call or email for days and times available.

                  When a student reaches a certain level of proficiency, they will be able to learn their favorite songs by downloading them directly to the studio. Sheet music for these songs, if in print, is very helpful and can be purchased for a small fee. Play-along tracks (music minus lead guitar) will be available so that the student can learn to improvise (Jam!) to them. I also have a student website that has helpful tools to make practice time more fun. Guitar tuner, metronome, and Play along tracks are available on this site to actively enrolled students. 


Studio Policy  


 Tuition for lessons is to be paid in advance on the first lesson of each month. Please let the Teacher know at this time about any vacations or activities that will conflict with your lessons so that those lessons might be rescheduled.

 Please be certain your remittance is for the proper number of lessons/weeks for the month (e.g., if there are five Tuesdays in the month, please remit for five lessons). Tuitions received after the 10th of the month are subject to a $15 late fee.

If a lesson needs to be canceled call your teacher directly, messages left at the store won’t always make it to you instructor in time. A 24-hr notice is required for all cancellations. Make–up lessons can be scheduled if there is a time slot open later during the calendar month. Should the student choose not to re-schedule, the lesson is forfeit. If there is no prior notice, i.e.,” no show”, or less than 24 hours notice given for a cancellation, again, the lesson is forfeit. The only exceptions are a family emergency or illness.

Please give advance notice of any prolonged absences (e.g., vacations longer than one week, etc.)

Last minute cancellations will be rescheduled at the Teacher’s discretion and availability. As a courtesy, online assignments are available in lieu of the missed lesson.

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