John Mello has been teaching music for more than 25 years. He has taught hundreds of students, at all levels, from the very beginner, looking to just enjoy playing some of the music they love, to advanced students, coming to him to fine tune their playing skills. From 1985 to 2006 John was also the full time Manager of Wollmer’s Music, one of the oldest full line music stores in California.

While attending Musicians Institute’s Guitar Institute of Technology (or GIT for short) John decided he wanted to experience and teach a wide variety of guitar styles. After graduating with the Gibson Guitar sponsored Outstanding Student Award he has continued to broaden his musical experience by attending educational workshops and retreats with the likes of Tuck Andress, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Joe Pass and many others.

John went on to become one of the core faculty members at the Bay Area’s Guitar Activity Center, a teaching and live performance workshop program for adults. GAC, with campuses in Mountain View, Berkeley and Sacramento, was the creation of one of John’s favorite GIT teachers, Vic Trigger.

Beginning in 2006 Baywood Elementary School in San Mateo invited John to conduct the School of Rock seminars at their annual Art & Science Day. These are informal demonstrations showing how Rock musicians interact while performing and the role each instrument plays.

Summer 2011 John taught at College of San Mateo Community Education’s College for Kids program. Cool Guitar, was a three week long course for 5th to 9th graders helping them discover the skills that all bands use to create music. 

John continues to stay current and involved with the music industry by maintaining NAMM membership, attending trade shows and music festivals. 

‘Lessons On B’ in San Mateo is where John’s teaching studio is located. His goal is to continue to introduce his students to the enjoyment and inspiration that comes from playing music. 

                Pictured at the March 1985 MI Graduation are (l to r) GIT instructor Howard Roberts, BIT instructor Tim Emmons, GIT graduate John Mello, BIT instructor John Humphrey, BIT GRADUATE Mathias Demoulin, BIT instructor Paul Farnen, BIT graduate Adri Galler-Lastra, GIT graduate Eddie Crutcher, PIT instructor Ralph Humphrey, BIT instructor Carl Cedar, PIT instructor Joe Porcaro, PIT graduate Marty Fera (front) PIT graduate Dan Makov and Pit instructor Alan Vavrin. Congratulations to out graduates and special thanks to FENDER, GIBSON, OVATION, YAMAHA and ZILDJIAN for providing the fine instruments presented to our outstanding award winners.












John K. Mello









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Student of the Year Award Winners Musicians Institute March 1985