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Guitar: the Quickest Way to

Learn to Play

††††††††††† Become a REAL Guitar HeroÖ or just have some fun playing the music you love. Making the decision to take lessons will result in your playing some great guitar in the shortest time possible. Play the songs YOU want to play.



 Classic Rock



 Insert Style Here (Iíll work it out for you)


Lessons are custom designed to the interests of the student while still developing all the skills you need. I teach all styles, all levels, even if you have played before, I can take what you already know, fill in the gaps and end the aggravation that stops you from taking it to the next level. The music you aspire to play is often easier than you think. There is no secret, other than finding the exact way to explain it so that itís clear to you. Online videos or DVDís canít tell you whatís missing and stopping you from getting it.


Introduce yourself or your child to a new interest and enthusiasm with music. Lessons begin by developing the coordination, technique and dexterity you need to play the Guitar. In most cases this starts by learning to relax, only then can you master the shapes and patterns that all guitarists use to produce their music.


Begin lessons on any type of guitar. Iím very patient, learn how to learn and make the most of your practice time. All ages are welcome; itís never too early and never too late to enjoy making music. My students show a wide variety of interests, from Classic Rock Bands to the latest Artists. Learn what you can use. Play what you love, love what you play†



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John K. Mello